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About WoW, me and summertime

So, I'm Lyon for at least a month working, and only have a bad adsl upload so won't be streaming from here.

So you shouldn't expeect any stream from me before september.

Also I'm curretnly not really motivated to play WoW, many friends have stopped for the summer, and with no recognition comes no mates, as usual. Meaning every time i log on, I just hang aroung in sw and don't do anything, so I end up starting a LoL game instead and forget about it.

It's sad because I like wow arenas, but it's just unplayable without some kind of solo matchmaking system, and whatever they say, skirmish won't fix it, sure you can have some fun when you're alone, but soon playing with scrubs gets annoying. Find me anyone that enjoys queuing random bgs at the moment, yeaaaaah, that's pretty rare.

Anyway, if you got any questions I'm available via mail, facebook or twitter, dont hesitate, I'll answer.

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