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Addon Pack - Yliinia UI - EN

After being asked several times about my UI, I decided to list here every addon that compose it.

For every addon you'll find a curse or wowinterface link to download it, and a link to download my own config.

To install :

  1. Close the game
  2. Install the addon
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\"YOURACCOUNT"\SavedVariables
  4. Delete the .lua file corresponding to the addon
  5. Replace by the .lua included in the X - Setup.rar that you just downloaded
  6. Restart the game
  7. If the config is not on by itself look for it in the addons profiles (In general it will be Default, Tzensch@ysondre or Yliinia@outland)

Note : all configs are packed in this folder if you don't want to down them all separately.

Addon Pack - Yliinia UI - EN

Utility :

Nameplates : Tidy plates (Config is not in the lua, I'm using Neon, you'll need to fix things a bit) : shows debuffs on nameplates.

Combat texts : SCT - Config : clearer than the default combat text and brings you more info.

Buffs & Debuffs : Elkano's Buff Bar - Config : I installed it to get a more efficient Ui to not have to nod my head every second since the default buff ui is on the top right angle. I also prefer the timer and looks of it.

Cooldowns - Config : Shows numeric values on skills.

Cast Bars : Quartz - Config : Cast bar configuration tool, get bigger cast bars or in a better spot, also includes a latency tester.

ExtraCD - Config : Show the icd for proc items.

Gladius - Config : Arena interface more complete than the default ui (Working 5.2 Version)

Battleground target : The gladius of battlegrounds, very useful in RBG's especially keep an eye on the whole enemy team.

Juked - Config : Similar to interruptbar, but includes most cds on top of interrupts.

Recount : records a lot of data like damage, healing, death logs and such, a very useful tool.

Tiptac - Config : replaces the panelyou get when scrolling on something, and shows some more data like buffs and class color.

Safequeue : removes the "Leave queue" button.

Necroticktrack (DK) : Show the total amount of your necrotics on a target.

Cosmetic :

Portraits : Pitbull - Config

Bars : Bartender + Masque Darion - Config(Bartender) Config(Masque)

MoveAnything : Enables you to move and enlarge any default frame.

Squeenix : Map skin.

Arkinventory : Bags & Bank addon, merges every bag together.

Extras :

WIM : Separate windows for PMs like IM clients.

Prat : upgraded chat.

Addon control panel (ACP) : allows you to load any addon in game, you can also make loadable addon packs.

Titan Panel : Many extras like the serverwide gold count, WG / Tol Barad Timers, you can centralize all addon icons (usually those are next to the minimap).

Reforgelite : oprimizes your reforge following a priority system defined by either you or predetermined profiles.

DBM : The pvp mode makes you instantly release spirit and shows cap timers, bases required to win and other useful infos.

Questions :

For any question you can contact me through my stream (link on your right).

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