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Posted on by Yliinia
Published on : #Music

Second edition of my musical posts.

This time I'll be presenting multiple hip-hop sounds, with beats approaching abstract hip-hop.

First : L'Orange, he is an exceptional producer that I just recently discovered. His productions feel abstract hip-hop with some kind of old feeling with instruments, vocals from old soul or jazz tracks or old movies.

He' s released a track with Blu in 2012.

He has released three LP's on his site that are available for free listen, you can buy them for any amount you'd like, with different kind of standard (mp3, flac), even free (but pay the artist, it's better).

Second Track :

A pure Stones Throw track, with Madlib at the productions, and MED & Blu rapping on the beats.

At first listen, you already get this Madlib feel, sounds like honey for your ears, it just flows, and feels logical.

MED & Blu are both two MC that I really like at the moment, they pretty much stayed independent without approaching too much the mainstream side.

If you're interested in Blu, you absolutely need to check his album with Exile, which includes many pearls.

At last, another Stones Throw artist : Homeboy Sandman.

Also discovered this track this week, it's a smooth ballad, pleasant to hear, and that made me think of some A Tribe Called Quest tracks.

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