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Posted on by Yliinia
Published on : #UI & Macros
Macros Warrior
Bind 1, CC @arena1
Bind 2, CC @arena2
Bind 3, CC @arena3
Bind 3, CC @arena3
Target / Focus @arena1, Equip 2H Weapon
Target / Focus @arena1, Equip 2H Weapon
Target / Focus @arena2, Equip 1H Weapon + Shield
Target / Focus @arena2, Equip 1H Weapon + Shield
Target / Focus @arena3
Burst Macro
Charge Target / Focus, Storm Bolt @arena1
Execute, Storm Bolt @arena2
Cleave, Storm Bolt @arena3
Short Burst (1Min Cd)
Disarm Target / Focus (Ctrl)
Interv @mate (I have two of those)
Interv sur bannière pour sortir des roots (Get out of roots macro)
Pummel Target / Focus
Shield Wall v2
All Shouts without switching binds on bars, Tout les cris sans avoir à changer de binds sur les barres
Macro Spell Reflect (Replace by the name of your weapons)
Storm Bolt Target / Focus
Fear Focus

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