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Binds & Macros

Binds & Macros

A lot of you have certainly seen forum trolls joking about people backpedaling or clicking.

Quick explanation : at first it was the guys doing both pve and pvp that bashed players taht were clicking. It then spread to every sphere, since most of the WoW community is sheeps, and follows blindly the "best".

Finally, binding its spells is a real efficiency gain, not only for dps, but also in reactivity, and we're going to see why.

  1. How to bind smartly and efficiently spells to binds
  2. Macros for kids
  3. My macros

1. How to bind smartly and efficiently spells to binds

1.1 Assign a spell to a bind

Assign a keybind should not be done on an impulse, you have to take into consideration your dexterity first. As of me, I don't like using the '6' and keys farther, I'm also not using my little finger to press Ctrl & Shift, which makes my hand look like a crab when I'm playing.

In principle, your hand should not go over the 5TGB line.

It will leave you with a quite large number of keys, which should be enough for most classes, even if it's hard to fit everything on a druid for example.

To get more options, you have modifiers : alt, shit & ctrl which will alllow you to bind up to 7 things per key thanks to mod combinations, I strongly don't recommend doing this since you'll need extra agile hands. We'll just stay on 4 binds on a key then.

The default UI allows you to do this by swapping action bars, I'm not an expert though, since I haven't been playing like this since BC.

The easiest way remains to use a macro as will be mentioned in 2.

1.2 Using the mouse

Most of you own a mouse with extra keys, which will allow you to bind spells on it. I personally use a Razer Deathadder that I have had for many years, the grip is perfect for me, and I don't really need more keys, in fact I would, but I don't like the grip a Naga has, unfortunately too small.

To get back on the subject, it's important to place important spells on the mouse so that they're easy to access.

On all classes I play, I have a focus macro (alt+mouse5), and a regen macro (drink including basic water & mage food)

On my druids, all my forms are on it, which permits to morph in and out to avoid Hibernate and Fears and Hex and Sheeps, but it happens to me rarely since I play mostly Feral & Moonkin.

Oy SP, MD and Shadowform are bound on Extra buttons.

On War & DK, I mostly have stances bound.

On all classes, Ctrl + mousebutton 4-5 targets party 1 & 2 (allies).

As you can see I have space available on my mice, but I like logical organization.

1.3 Organizing in a logical manner

It's a thing I got myself to do since cata : whatever the class my CC's go from < to c ou v.

Key/Class Druid SP Warrior DK
<> Roots MC Disarm Ghoul Stun
W Hibernate Silence Reflect Grip
X Kick Psychic Horror Kick Kick
C Cyclone Dispel Storm Bolt Strangulate(Silence)
V Healing Touch Mind Spike Whirlwind Dark Simulacrum

Except for my DK the V isn't a real CC, but you can get the idea, I like thematic blocks. Having logic in its binds makes you avoid making mistakes at a crucial time.

The point in using this keys is their proximity with the three mods, which allows you to have multiple possibilities.

If you play multiple classes like me, binding similar skills is an help, it will reduce the margin of error when swapping classes. It's the case for my kick as you can see. It's also the case for defensive cds and burst cds which are for the most at the same place.

1.4 Focus & Arena Frames

On my UI, the spells listed upper cast on my focus. Focus is great, especially when you start pvping or start doing arenas. It's also really useful in world pvp or BGs.

I spoke of focus quickly, I'll come back on it in the macro section, as well as the arena123's, which are primordial for those of you that PvP.

The point of arena123 is having more frames and so not having to lose target and lose time to find another target to cast CCs. It can seem light at first sight, but those seconds can make a difference.

I speak of experience, I started using them in late s11, and it really changed my playstyle since.

Binds &amp; Macros
1.5 Things you shouldn't do :
  • Spread a key and a modifier too far : ctrl R or ctrl T aren't a good choice in my opinion, except if you're an elastic man (or woman).
  • Don't bind Alt F4, no don't smirk, if you're a moron like me it will take you time to understand where it comes from.
    Incomprehension and solitude at the same time will come upon you, at least I'm not the only one (Thinking of you Leglorion).
    For those reasons I also don't recommend binding alt F3, a fat finger is always closeby.

2. Macros

Instead of just doing a stupid list, I'll try explaining to you macro syntax so that you can do your own.

Be able to do on it's own, it's being able to adapt when something changes like a talent, an addon that gets broken or anything...

2.1 #show & showtooltip

This function shows the tooltip of a skill used in a macro while scrolling on it, it will also show the icon of the skill in actionbars without having to look for the icon in the image list, also will show the cd of the skill on the icon.

2.2 Actions

/cast : calls for a spell use

For example /cast Cyclone will cast cyclone on the actual target.

/tar or /target will target a player, a NPC, in fact whatever targetable thing. I use that for my arena 123 target macros.

/use, allows you to use an item. It's a very large category : I use this function in my prospect, dez and mill macros for example but also tu use a trinket, and engineering tinkers.

All that is easy, but there's is even easier : every slot is attributed a slot number going from 1 to 17.

2.3 Conditions

Conditions are placed between hooks [], there is no if, but different kinds of checks. You can find the complete list here.

2.3.1 Targets

Of the kind target=player or @player (which I recommend since it makes you avoid orthographic mistakes and makes you gain space). Player is of course to replace, except if it's to send a spell on yourself.

It can be the name of a character, for example @Yliinia to cast something on me, or an ally, focus or arena frame.

It will look like :


@arena1 (the 1 is the first in the list)

@arena2 ...

@party1,2 ... (where party1 is the first in the group)

2.3.3 Modifiers

Modifiers as precised upper are ctrl, alt & shift.

They are entered this way :

[modifier:alt] or [mod:alt] (which can of course be replaced by shift and control)

2.3.3 Stances

Many classes have stances like warriors, druids, sp with shadowform and the list goes on.

The syntax is [stance:1], in this case the macro will check the stance before doing an action.

For example :

/cast [stance:1]Lacerate;
/cast [stance:3]Mangle;

This macro will use Lacerate in bear form and mangle in cat form.

it's possible to check for multiple stances with this syntax [stance:1/3], not very useful on druid since many spells have different names depending on the forms. However it's very useful on warrior, or at least it used to be.

Last point : form it interchangeable with stance, syntax stays the same.

2.3.4 Other kind of conditions

Stealth and nostealth : checks if stealthed or not.

Harm, noharm : checks if a target is an enemy (harm) which can be hit, or not.

Help, nohelp : same thing but with friendlies.

Dead or nodead : dead or not.

Combat, nocombat : self explanatory.

Equipped:<item type> or worn:<item type>, checks for the presence of an item, I don't see any usage except for the equipped:shields that war uses, but it's always useful. Item type is any king of item, a slot number can also be condition.

2.4 Equip function

/equip : equips an item.

/equipslot : x precises the slot number, report upper for numerotation.

/equipset : equips a set registered in the set manager.

2.5 Other useful commands

/cancelaura buffname, cancels the buff, works for things like IB, bubble, and also for druid forms. /cancelform can also be used to leave anyform.

/stopcasting, as its name indicates, cancels the cast to avoid getting kicked or to land a kick.

3. My macros





Here, there are some other tricks and macros, I hope you understand how it works by now.

I use the English game client, if you don't you'll need to change spell names for their equivalent in the language of your choice.

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