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Posted on by Yliinia
Published on : #UI & Macros
Macros DK
Bind 1, CC @arena1
Bind 2, CC @arena2
Bind 3, CC @arena3
Bind 4, Simulacrum @arena1
Bind 5, Simulacrum @arena2
Bind 6, Simulacrum @arena3
Bind 6, Simulacrum @arena3
Charge Pet, Target / Focus @arena1
Charge Pet, Target / Focus @arena2
Charge Pet, Target / Focus @arena3
Spam conversion macro, permet de se heal rapidement en spammant avec haute pr. Conversion spam macro, allows you to heal quickly with high pr.
Simulacrum Target / Focus
Death Coil Target / Pet (Alt)
Death Grip Target / Focus
Pet Sacrifice, Sacrifices Gargoyle instead of Ghoul when Gargoyle is out. Prendra les hps de la Gargouille à la place de la goule si celle ci est pop.
Burst gargoyle + UH frenzy
UH Frenzy @player - Anti CC
Pop Goule / Transfo sur un bind
Stun Goule Target / Focus
Charge Pet Focus
Lichborne + Self heal sur un bind
Kick Target / Focus
Strang Target / Focus
Cancelaura Lichborne / IB / BOP - Utiliser pour éviter Shackle (Pretre) ou fear UD (Pal)

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