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Posted on by Yliinia
About Feral lvl 100 talents

So, a few patches ago they removed the bloody trash talent (RIP), that made it so trash spread rake to other targets, i thought this to be my talent of choice for aoe comps, but they changed it for the actual effect of DoC (+25% on two attacks after ht).

If you havent followed much of WoD developpment, you won't know that lvl 90 talents are being changed to only include the healing component.

So what does this mean? Well for arenas DoC is really clunky atm, since you need to cast ht to have the dps increase, it's only really worth if you're playing with sotf, which is quite rare. (Even I prefer treants lately)

Note on DoC : it now increases healing for HT AND Rejuv by 25%, which i think is quite neet, so the talent is quite interesting right now.

Then we got Moonfire, which would now scale on ap, and generate combos, yeah if it does good damage, why not, and another dot, I always like; more pressure, and moonfire is also arcane damage, ignoring armor completely.

And of course the last one is the passive Savage roar, which is increased to +45% bonus damage. This is really good, you gain damage from the buff, and the energy and time not being consumated by having to refresh it; however having a ps proc from SR has saved me quite a lot of time, so I probably won't use this, also, I'm a hipster, don't lik to do like everyone else.

Incoming an article about the new statistic : the readiness.

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